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  • Anam Cara, an end of life compassionate care home based on a non-medical social model and set in a nurturing, home-like environment.

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a natural setting for a natural process

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Anam Cara is to provide a home for hospice patients, model enlightened end-of-life care based on compassion, integrity and love in a peace-filled natural setting; serving as a resource center for public education and training for social model hospice care that people would desire to replicate in communities across the world.

Anam Cara has a unique holistic philosophy about end-of-life care that incorporates nature in a home-like setting, providing a healing place where the natural environment is good medicine. We care for the body, mind and spirit, consciously attending to the natural processes that occur at the end of life.

We offer a six-bed home in the beautiful setting of Topanga Canyon with a
community of caregivers and resources, supported by the wealth of nature in the Santa Monica Mountains. Individuals can come alone or with loved ones to a serene home away home offering a variety of holistic services and activities for living fully to the end.

Topanga Folk Fest

Topanga Folk Fest FINAL LOGO_med
This inaugural event benefiting Gabriel’s House at Anam Cara will be held October 26 on the grounds of the Topanga Community Club. For more information and to purchase tickets in advance go directly to the Topanga Folk Fest website.

Why Anam Cara?

Based on a non-medical social model, Anam Cara is set in a nurturing, home-like environment. To address an individual’s mind, body and spirit, the hospice offers emotional support through holistic therapies.

Anam Cara Compassionate Care was formally founded in 2013 as a hospice and provider of compassionate care, and an alternative healing center.

We are incorporating a non-medical, social model that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit through various holistic therapies such as arts and music, meditation, yoga, and experiences in nature. Our goal is to be the leading-edge model of conscious end of life care.

How You Can Help

Donor Opportunities
Many of our friends and associates find that a recurring donation to Anam Cara is the simplest way to help. With your monthly contribution we can reach our goal step by step.

For other ways to help, please visit the Giving section of our website. Or, you can choose to make a one-time donation now:

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