All Anam Cara services will be provided on a revenue-generating cost recovery fee-for-service basis, including sliding scale and no-cost humanitarian fee structures. In addition to our responsibility to those we provide services to, we also fully understand the responsibility we hold of carefully stewarding donated funds. To that end, our paid permanent staff will be supported in all service programs by trained and dedicated volunteers. We will initially be operating with a 1:10 ratio of paid staff to volunteers, building towards a goal of 1:100 ratio as soon as possible. We plan to engage the considerable talents, skills and spirit of the Topanga community, and have begun building important relationships in civic and community organizations.

Our immediate needs are to conduct fundraising and secure funding from a variety of sources. Renovation of the adult center is projected to be completed within 10 months. We have begun the process of licensing as an RCFE and are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

We have also initiated a revenue generating and marketing strategy by launching our Hospice Volunteer Registry Service. In addition to already generating income and visibility, this service is building partnerships with community service providers and potential referral sources. The registry operates on a contract fee-for-service basis, providing volunteers to mobile community hospice organizations in the Los Angeles area, utilizing a cadre of volunteers certified by The Twilight Brigade’s nationally recognized hospice volunteer training program.

If our accomplishments and plans for Anam Cara resonate with you, we hope that you will consider supporting this exciting project at a level that suits you, and share this vision with others.

We are gratefully accepting:

Annual and Planned Gifts
Introduction to Friends and Associates
Monthly Contributions
Cash Donations
Donations of Goods and Services
Hospice Volunteers
Financial Support for Our Hospice Volunteer Registry

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