Anam Cara is always looking for dedicated, qualified individuals to help in the mission of developing and operating a unique model of hospice care. If you feel called to this kind of work, please contact us.

Volunteer Coordinator

Reporting to the CEO, the Volunteer Coordinator supervises and coordinates the activities of hospice volunteers both in patient care and in non-patient care settings.


  • Market the Hospice Volunteer Registry Service and actively recruit, screen, train, retain, and support volunteers
  • Select and assign volunteers for all volunteer requests, with input from the Interdisciplinary Team, in a timely manner and report back to team member if unable to fill request
  • Coordinate volunteers for all special programs and events.
  • Keep accurate documentation of volunteer assignments including documentation of hours served on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Be available by phone or in person for the volunteer(s) to discuss their role with patients/families.
  • Assess the volunteer’s working relationship with the team.
  • Encourage up-to-date charting and submission of volunteer progress notes to the office in a timely manner. Phone volunteers when forms are missing.
  • Participate as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team and attend other staff meetings, as appropriate.
  • Document services to all hospice patients and families in the medical chart in a timely fashion.
  • Plan and implement the volunteer training course.
  • Coordinate, host and post periodic volunteer community meetings to consist of education, team building, emotional support and professional development.
  • Plan volunteer special events.
  • Maintain record of volunteer attendance at meetings and special events.
  • Attend outside hospice organization meetings and events.
  • Recruit and assign volunteers to work in the office, as needed.
  • Maintain accurate records on volunteers and volunteer assignments, as required.
  • Write policies and procedures and protocols for the Volunteer Department.
  • Maintain a regular flow of correspondence, notices and verbal contact with all volunteers.
  • Adhere to the practice of confidentiality regarding patients, families, staff and the organization.
  • Plans and conducts special activities for recognition and retention of volunteer staff.


Anam Cara is seeking a Volunteer Coordinator who has volunteer experience, ideally in a nonprofit entity and/or public health setting. The ability to clearly train and support volunteer candidates, while tracking a myriad of administrative details, is critical.

  • Bachelor’s Degree or 3-5 years experience in job-related roles.
  • Must be accepting of all lifestyles, cultures and spiritual beliefs.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate effectively, sensitively and compassionately.
  • Volunteer experience desired, particular in recruitment, training and supervision of volunteers.
  • Relationship builder with the flexibility to work with multiple personalities and with people who are under enormous stress.
  • A creative self-starter who enjoys problem-solving and implementing new volunteer recruiting strategies and campaigns.
  • Excellent organizational and administrative abilities.
  • Clear writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Valid California Drivers License and automobile insurance verification.

At this time, the Volunteer Coordinator is a part-time position.

For more information, please contact us through the form on our Contact Us page.

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